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1. Who Operates the Amazing Race Melbourne?

The Amazing Race Melbourne is operated by Australia’s leading team building activities supplier,
Team Bonding – ABN 26 112 497 542. See

We also operate in Sydney and Brisbane.

2. Where does Amazing Race Melbourne operate?

Team Bonding’s operations are based in the Sydney, we operate Amazing Races in Melbourne and Brisbane, with experienced local teams.

For Melbourne, the course is located in the City Centre.

We are not able to create more courses in Melbourne at this stage.

3. What are the Start Times?

We can start at any time after 10am and before 2.30pm (winter) and 3.30pm (summer). For safety reasons, we do need to finish the race before dusk.  We can consider a 4pm start with a race shortened to 2 hours.

4. Can I choose the start and finish points?

There is some latitude with respect to finish points, though we counsel against adding more than 10 – 12 minutes extra walk on the beginning or end of the race. Please call us on 1800 047 220 to discuss your requirements, we are happy to adapt where possible and will let you know whether your proposal will work (based on our vast experience of what groups can cope with).

5. Can I customise the event to suit our team?

Every team is unique so in most cases we do make tweaks to personalise your event. We need to stay within the basic structure (we rarely create whole new events) but we can add specific messages, choose activities that work with a theme, emphasise your values plus some teams create their own quiz style activity to include. If you have ideas please call to discuss. You may end up with the best of both worlds, great value, proven courses and popular activities with your own themes and ideas front and centre. Call on 1800 047 220 to discuss your ideas.

6. Does the Amazing Race suit a small group?

We have run successful races with teams as small as 10.

7. Can you handle a large group?

The largest group to deliver a great event is around 100 (in 12 teams), above which the logistics start to get difficult for our high touch style event.  We have on occasion worked with one client with 2 groups, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

8. How fit does the group have to be?

The answer is not especially fit. If a person can manage to walk for about an hour they will be fine with the Amazing Race. The course is virtually flat and quite short and we include lots of breaks.

We have had people of all ages and sizes enjoy the Amazing Race, even a couple with advanced pregnancies. For people that don’t feel they can walk the full way, they can catch a taxi on the long walk section of the event and meet their teams as they enter the checkpoint.

9. Can you handle participants with disabilities?

The Amazing Race Melbourne course is not suitable for wheelchair users, however we have included in the past vision impaired participants (with assistance), hearing impaired, intellectually disabled, people with back, knee and ankle injuries and advanced pregnancy. We work with you to ensure all team members feel included and those that need a little special attention are still able to contribute value to their team.

10. Do You Work with Private Groups for Birthday Parties etc?

We do occasionally work with private groups for birthday parties, hen’s parties or family gatherings at a slightly lower weekend rate. We can’t accept all groups, only those we feel the event is right for. The following rules apply:

– All participants must be aged over 16, or with parental supervision 8 – 15 years
– One person must be responsible for the full payment (ie no split payments)
– Total group size no greater than 60
– No alcohol to be consumed until the finish of the race

See this link for more information and our enquiry form

We don’t work with Bucks groups, due to disrespectful behaviour towards our team members in the past.

11. What happens if the weather is bad?

Our outdoor activities are certainly favourites with our clients and weather is a shared risk.

In most cases with light rain / showers or extreme heat we go ahead with the Race as planned with some concessions for comfort. From time to time teams do complete the Race wearing rain ponchos and really enjoy it.

We routinely do a weather check 48 hours prior to the event and if the forecast is unfavourable we will consult.  There are 2 options; a) go ahead in “stand by mode” or b) postpone to an alternative date without penalty.  Once in “stand by” mode (which is within 36 hours of the start time) it is a requirement that our staff are paid, even with a late postponement (though your deposit payment is held as a credit).

If you have chosen stand by mode and it is raining heavily at the start point, we consult the radar, take a vote and either go ahead or abandon. If you choose stand by and the weather is so bad on the day that you abandon we do need to invoice the direct staff costs ($390 / $520 / $650 for larger groups).  However: We transfer your deposit to a new date and will re run the event on an alternative date agreeable to both parties.

12. How do you ensure the group is safe?

Safety of participants is of paramount importance.  Our staff carry compact first aid kits and water. During the group briefing, we ask teams to complete the race at a comfortable walking pace and not to run, this point is re-iterated at the individual team briefings where they receive their maps and clues. We also ask the teams to stay together at all times and take care of each other.

All checkpoints are staffed and teams have a mobile number for any problems that arise. Before heading off, our staff ask for a contact number for each team. Participants are always given a choice regarding tasks and no one is forced to do anything they may be uncomfortable with. For less active or injured people we can take them to a half way point or send them directly to the finish point.

13. How do I book and pay?

You book via a confirmation email with your chosen event, date, numbers, venue and timing included, plus your company details for invoicing purposes.

Upon receiving this confirmation of your event we will invoice a 30% holding deposit due immediately. 9-10 days out from the event you will be invoiced the balance which is due on the day after the event. (If the event is less than a fortnight away, we generally just send one invoice).

We accept direct debit payments or credit cards, via our secure Xero / Eway payment facility. We take Mastercard, Visa and American Express, though for the latter we pass on a 2.9% service fee to cover additional finance costs.

14. What are your cancellation terms?
  • Bookings cancelled 6 or more weeks out from event; 50% of the deposit will be refunded
  • Bookings cancelled 3 – 5 weeks prior to the event 25% of the deposit will be refunded
  • Bookings cancelled 0 – 2 weeks prior to the event the deposit cannot refunded

Please note we do extend credit of the deposit for bookings that are postponed to a new, definite date.

15. What is included in the price?

All preparation, team identifiers, folders, printed materials, games equipment, facilitation and Team Bonding travel costs are part of the price. This includes the use of our digital cameras.  We give the winning team pretend gold medals or miniature trophies, but “real” prizes are not included, nor is venue hire for the start or finish points.

As it is a “walk in” course, unfortunately we cannot supply water, sun protection, appropriate footwear or clothing, nor carry anything of behalf of competitors.

16. Are you insured?

Amazing Race Melbourne’s parent company, Team Bonding carries a $10 million Public Liability insurance through Sports Cover. During the race participants are covered by their own WorkCover provisions.

17. What are your risk management practices?

Please see this link for our risk management.

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