Welcome to the Amazing Race

Choose from one of our prepared Melbourne courses below or talk to us about a private group route especially for you. All of our courses are easily walked & are designed for all fitness levels.

Melbourne City

We stage Amazing Race Melbourne in the very heart of the CBD with the Yarra as the star.    It is a snapshot of the very best of Melbourne including the beautiful calm surrounds of the Botanic Gardens and the famous city laneways.

How does the event run?

  • Once we’ve met at the start point we sort you into your sub teams (generally 6-8 people per team)
  • The event starts with some enjoyable warm up exercises followed by a briefing (which we keep fairly tight, but does include a number of points about safety)
  • Teams head off from the start point at the same time with a folder, map, clue to the first checkpoint, the rules and contact information.
  • At each checkpoint you will be allocated a point scoring task.  We provide with clear instructions and time guides. Once complete you’re handed your next clue or activity and the race continues.
  • The activities are creative and engaging, with just a hint of challenge.
  • The event includes our most popular activity, the “photo essay” challenge. …  Virtually all the photos on this website were taken by the teams on this task. They look happy don’t they?  They certainly were … and we have 300,000 more photos just like the ones you see here and in the gallery.
  • We recommend all teams finish in a casual pub for a cool beverage while we tally the scores. We give a brief presentation, which acknowledges all teams and then we announce the winners.  They get a modest (though highly valued) small trophy as a reward for their great teamwork.

Timing:  The total time for an event is generally around 2-2.5 hours. For some larger groups we need to allow a little extra time as the start and finish take a little longer.

Physical Exertion:  Can be adapted to suit your team, we don’t encourage running and ensure all participants are not overtaxing themselves.  Anyone fit enough for a brisk walk can enjoy the event.

Our Promise:  We make things easy for you as the organiser and guide you through each step. Once the group gets to the start you will be able to enjoy the event as one of the crowd, plus you’ll be sincerely thanked by everyone who attends

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Melbourne Amazing Race is operated by Australia’s leading team building activities supplier,
Team Bonding – ABN 26 112 497 542. Team Bonding has been operating in Sydney since 2006 and offers over 20 events, of which the Amazing Race is the best seller. See www.teambonding.com.au

We also operate in Brisbane and Sydney. Between Melbourne and Sydney we can do “simultaneous events” where teams participate on courses timed to be fairly similar.

Yes absolutely!

We love working with private groups to make their special occasion even more unique. The Amazing Race is a great way to celebrate a special birthday, hens/bucks party & everything in between.

We will work closely with you to customise the race to enhance your race experience.

For more information and our enquiry form

We can start at any time after 10am and before 2.30pm (winter) and 3.30pm (summer). For safely reasons, we do need to finish the race before dusk.

We have run successful races with team as small as 8.

We cater for all sized groups, from 8 people to 200+ people.

In order to adhere to COVID restrictions, we may seperate a large into smaller groups so that each person can still have a fun, exciting Amazing Race while keeping everyone safe.

If a person can manage to walk for about an hour they will be fine with the Amazing Race.

We have had people of all ages and sizes enjoy the Amazing Race. For people that don’t feel they can walk the full way, we can take them from the start to a mid checkpoint and they can pick up their group for the last sections.

We do offer customised races, however please contact us on 1300 468 326 to discuss logistics as we may already have a planned course near your location that we can help you with.

Our outdoor activities are certainly favourites with our clients and 90% of the time the outdoor option is great and teams have a brilliant time.  However with both storms and heatwaves a factor, we do need options in place to deal with bad forecasts.

In most cases with light rain / showers or temperatures up to 36 degrees we go ahead with the Race as planned.  We have some simple concessions for comfort, such as undercover checkpoints and short cuts if needed. From time to time teams do complete the Race wearing light jackets and really enjoy it.

We routinely do a weather check 48 hours prior to the event and if the forecast is unfavourable we will consult you.  There are generally 3 options up until 36 hours before the event; a) go ahead in “stand by mode” or b) change to our indoor activity, either Laugh a Minute or Indoor Paparazzi  (a venue is required) or c) postpone to an alternative date without penalty.

If you choose “stand by” mode and it is raining heavily at the start point or around the time you are leaving, we consult the radar, take a vote and generally go inside to do the indoor alternative activity (subject to a pre arranged venue being available).  If the weather is really bad on the day and your team does not want to go ahead with anything, we do need to invoice our direct staff costs so our team can be paid for the day.  We retain your deposit as a credit and will re run the event on an alternative date agreeable to both parties.

Bottom Line: If there is somewhere we can go, we will have an alternative indoor activity prepared and ready to go.

Safety of participants is of paramount importance. Our staff carry compact first aid kits. We also ask the teams to stay together at all times and take care of each other.

All checkpoints are staffed and teams have a mobile number for any problems that arise. Before heading off, our staff ask for a contact number for each team. Participants are always given a choice regarding tasks and no one is forced to do anything they may be uncomfortable with.

We can create a new race in a location of your choice at an additional cost of $1,000 + gst (excludes travel time greater than 45mins from Melbourne metro area). The only proviso is that the actual area is readily walkable and has some interesting places to go.

Please call us on 1300 468 326 to discuss your thoughts.

You book via a confirmation email with your chosen event, date, numbers, venue and timing included, plus your company details for invoicing purposes.

Upon receiving this confirmation of your event we will invoice a 20% holding deposit due immediately. 9-10 out from the event you will be invoiced the balance which is due on the day after the event.

We accept direct debit payments or credit cards, via our secure Xero / Stripe payment facility. We take Mastercard and Visa.

  • Bookings cancelled 6 or more weeks out from event; 50% of the deposit will be refunded
  • Bookings cancelled 3 – 5 weeks prior to the event 25% of the deposit will be refunded
  • Bookings cancelled 0 – 2 weeks prior to the event the deposit cannot refunded

Please note we can extend credits for bookings that are postponed.

All preparation, team identifiers, folders, printed materials, games equipment, facilitation and Team Bonding travel costs are part of the price. We give the winning team pretend gold medals or miniature trophies, but “real” prizes are not included, nor is venue hire for the start or finish points.

As it is a “walk in” course, unfortunately we cannot supply water, sun protection, appropriate footwear or clothing, nor carry anything of behalf of competitors.

Melbourne Amazing Race’s parent company, Team Bonding carries a $20 million Public Liability insurance. During the race participants are covered by their own WorkCover provisions.

Every team is unique so in most cases we do make tweaks to personalise your event. We need to stay within the basic structure but we can add specific messages, choose activities that work with a theme, emphasise your values plus some teams create their own quiz style activity to include. If you have ideas please call to discuss. You may end up with the best of both worlds, great value, proven courses and popular activities with your own themes and ideas front and centre. Call on 1800 GO TEAM to discuss your ideas.